Dr.M.S. Mathivanan

M.Com., M.A. HDGM, AIBM, DIEM, M.Phil., Ph.D., DPS, FTA, FWAPS, MBA(IIBM Delhi)

International Activities
International Activities And Countries Visited
“Cavalier’ Dr. M.S. Mathivanan
  • Participated in the World Council of Young Men’s Service Club Conference at Bombay, Mombassa, Amsterdam, Quebec City, Harare, Chester and Chennai.
  • Participated in the Asia Pacific Regional Conference of WOCO at Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chennai and Ooty.
  • Participated in the World Productivity Congress Meeting at Sweden, Turkey and China.
  • Participated in the Convention of Rights to Child at United Nations’ Conference.
  • Participated in the Asia Pacific Textile & Clothing Forum, New Delhi and China, representing the Government of India.
  • As a leader of Trade Mission, participated in the meeting at Sri Lanka to Promote the Textile Exports and have participated in the Sales cum study Tour.
  • Participated in the International Textile Machinery Manufacture’s Association exhibition at Paris, representing Government of India.
  • Participated in the First World Congress of Engineering Colleges at Quebec, Canada.
  • Participated & presented papers in the conference held at Ralle, North,Carolina; USA; Ascia-De Marina, Italy; London, UK; Seramban, Pinang,Kaula Lumpur; Rantan in Malaysia, Nuweralia, Colombia in Sri Lanka.
  • Participated in the International Textile Manufactures Federation Conference held at Budapest, Turkey.
  • Participated in the Textile Machinery Exhibition held at Shanghai, China.
  • Participated in the Asian Textile Conference at Tehran, Iran.
  • Participated in the World Productivity Science, held in Shenyang, China and presented a paper at the conference.
  • Part of the Official Indian Delegation led by the then Prime Minister, Shri.Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Tanzania and Turkey.
  • Part of the Official Indian Textile Delegation led by the Hon’ble Textile Minister Shri.Shankarsing Vaghela to Russia and Japan during April 2007.